Prospective Clients

What does your business need?

Business Partner

Want more than just a bookkeeper?
We really enjoy working with clients that are looking for a trusted partner.  The basic bookkeeping component we provide ensures that all data used in decisions is correct but the magic happens when we review processes for efficiency/efficacy and then look at the business as a whole.  Our clients span a variety of sizes and industries which provides us accumulated experience that can be immediately applied to new clients.  Active pursuit of professional development opportunities keeps us up-to-date on changing technology, software and frameworks which can then be applied to clients as appropriate.  

Business Partners can expect frequent communication, specialized reporting, and specialized work like cashflow planning, budgeting, and more!

Team Member

Essentials plus items that require more attention, like client invoicing, accounts payable management or any process in your business that could use our help.

Basic Bookkeeper

All the essentials to keep your business going - accurate, tax-ready books!